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Refurbish Units

What is Refurbishment?


Full Refurbishments Replace or Repair Every Component
Complete refurbishments include a true, down to the frame rebuild. Every component will be inspected and replaced or repaired as needed. We do not take any short cuts. Our commitment to quality extends to every component on the apparatus.


Each Project Is Customized
No two refurbishment projects are the same. Our team will work with you to develop a refurbishment plan which fits within your budget and satisfies your needs.


Dependable offers refurbishment for every make and model of fire apparatus

–  Upon completion your fire apparatus will meet NFPA 1912 requirements

–  Level I and Level II refurbishment as per  NFPA  1912 Standards

–  EVT certified technicians

–  One (1) Year warranty


Refurbishment Options

  •  Electrical Inspections
  •  Body Repair &  Modifications
  •  New Seating
  •  LED Lighting
  •  Monitors
  •  Foam Systems
  •  Remount on new Chassis
  •  Accident Repairs



Collingwood Fire Department newest refurbished pumper with complete body fabrication,

new paint scheme & decals.









Two (2) Units Recently Delivered to Township of King



King 365 Refurb king361 refurb




Unit 349 recently delivered to Township of King