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    Petroleum Units


     Built to Meet Your Fuel Delivery Requirements


    Our petroleum tank models range from 2000L truck mounted tanks to 60,000 L B-Trains. Each unit starts with you. Offering a flexible range of products, Dependable can structure your tank to carry what you need to meet your contract requirements.


    Being a face to face industry, Dependable likes to help customers develop a unit that not only fits what your contract demands, but also ensures the unit is constructed in a way that  operates most efficiently in the drivers hands.


    Our motto is that each unit should be designed to accommodate the end user by installing operating and delivery systems in locations to provide  the greatest efficiencies in order for you to develop a great return on investment.


    Our Product Line Consists of:

    Single Drive Axle Tankers

    Tandem Drive Axle Tankers                                                           

    Tandem Drive Axle Tankers with an Equalized Lift Steer

    Tandem Steer Axles with Tandem Drive Axle Tankers

    Tridem Drive Axle Tankers

    Pup Trailer Tankers

    Tanker Trailers

    B-Train Tankers



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