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    Looking for a Custom Built Water Tanker?



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    Well you have come to the right place! Dependable offers units to meet your watering, dust control and street flushing needs for your municipal contract requirements. Our facility offers a custom build that would best suit your application. Having constructed water tankers for over 35 years, you can depend on us for a quality build accompanied by quality service year after year.



    Our Product Line Consists of:

    Single Drive Axle Tankers

    Tandem Drive Axle Tankers

    Tandem Drive Axle Tankers with an Equalized Lift Steer

    Tandem Steer Axles with Tandem Drive Axle Tankers

    Tridem Drive Axle Tankers

    Pup Trailer Tankers

    Tanker Trailers

    B-Train Tankers



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